UEFI or the Redmond Walled Garden

I am a Linux user. And I am angry.

The software company that has the HQ in Redmond and which name I will avoid as much as possible (because they don’t need more publicity and I don’t want to be counted as one) has major security problems in their software. Everyone knows that. So much so, that many other companies are making good business either from exploiting those problems or pretending to fix them. So, it would be unreasonable for the unmentionable company to actually protect it’s software. It would kill so many lucrative businesses that thrive from the exploitation of the users of that thing they call Operating System that the world would collapse, planes would stop arriving late, trains would come on time, computers would last 5 more years and users would feel secure. Absolute Chaos.

So, they decided to choose a half decent idea to protect computer users from the flaws of their software. But, to avoid the chance that anyone else could even try to use that to their advantage, like say, use a decently secure OS that they aren’t able to produce. They decided to make it impossible or very difficult for users to choose. You see, in absolute fear of being compared to software that is distributed for free (yes, it’s horrible, how can anyone even think of doing things for the benefit of humanity, anarchists all of them) they blackmailed their friends in the hardware production companies to only allow ONE version of their software to be installed in new computers, because… because… well… because they want to look good, they want their software to be incomparable (pun intended).

So, now they have set the walls of their very own walled garden, much like another company that does the same, or quite similar, you know that one with half eaten fruits. Now, you, the owner of a computer, manufactured by a company that doesn’t have any interest in software, are unable to install any other OS that isn’t “authorized” by the good folks of that Redmond company. Well, not true, you can, but you are told that the OS you are installing may be a security risk, because… you know… the other one that they make is the most secure one, so secure that they created and support a host of companies dedicated to security fixes and protections in order for the users to be able to pretend that they are safe. Not only that, the hardware manufacturers were forced convinced that only ONE version of software produced by that Redmond company can be run on the computers they want to sell you. You the client, have no say, have no option, have no opinion. You see, even if you don’t feel safe (as you shouldn’t) using that thing they call an OS, you MUST be forced to buy it and use it, because… because daddy Redmond says so.

Never mind the fact that even before the OS that they are forcing allowing you to use is even launched, running on those “secured” new computers that aren’t even for sale yet, there’s already talk of how to override those protections. Soon, those beautiful ads you click on. that say you’ve won a million dollars because you… whatever, will install something in your computer that will elude this newfangled protection and give control of it to someone else. The Redmond company will promptly respond to that in one year or so, selling you another version of their software.

So I am angry. Angry enough to say to the manufacturers that entered in this deal to forget about selling any of their products to me. Angry enough to say that any company, or service that wants me as their client or user, that employs software solutions from that Redmond company, like websites or hardware restrictions, Gaming companies, and so on, that “You lost me as a client”. You may see this as punishing myself, I see it as liberating, as the only decent way to say to the gentleman of the Redmond company to respectfully go fuck themselves.


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