Going back to the pow-wow

This time in english.

For years I have been watching this storm forming and growing above our heads and I’m quite sure that the clash will happen soon.

It is a generational clash, but multiplied by a new way of living, thinking and being.

Since the dawn of humanity our world has been growing, from the single fire in front of a cave, to countries spawning continents. That brought along the main problem that plagued us for thousands of years, communication. Each time our world grew, the bigger the problem got. Either from distance, or from different languages, communicating got harder and harder, bringing with it misunderstandings and ultimately war.

Since last century, we have improved communications to the point of eliminating distances and in some part language barriers. The last 20 years brought us close to being again all together around the single cave fire. Back to the pow-wow.

To some of us this move was welcomed and embraced to the point of obsession, becoming so natural and common as going to the local caffé. The ones that didn’t embrace this change, can’t understand it, they may use it to some level, but it will always be secondary, like a extra spare tire in a long voyage. Then there’s the ones that were born to this, using it since ever, never knowing a world without it.

The clash that I see looming, is the clash of these two very different ways of seeing the world, of being in a smaller world, of thinking in a connected world. The clash of a interconnected world and the last survivors of a world of distances.

This clash is cultural, economical and social. Those that thrived in a world of distances, where they could manipulate events to provoke currency fluctuations, generating profits from the separated markets and cultures by throwing one against the other, are facing the reality of having most of those factor removed by instant communication and a much smaller cultural difference. Language barriers being conquered by translation software, allowing communication between strangers at levels never achieved before. The social networks thriving in the need of boundless communication, brings us together in ways we couldn’t dream 30 years ago.

The Internet tribe, or Homo Aptus tribe is here to stay. The last survivors of Homo Sapiens are dying, but not without a fight. They need to make this new world resemble as much as possible their old world, that they were able to comprehend and manipulate. The newcomers are gaining strength and using their unique powers to fight back, all the while improving technologies that further enhance their connection and communication levels.

We see the same fight everywhere, from the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movements or Anonymous. These are still embryos of the future Homo Aptus, but there’s no stopping the evolution of this new species, physically similar, but different in the way it relates to each other. The #SOPA and #PIPA and other fights are only advancing their evolution, giving them new measures of their powers, of their strength. Like a fighter stretching its muscles before a fight we are flexing ours to face the “Disconnected”.

We are still moving towards the single tribal fire, leaving old habits behind, leaving old myths and making new ones. Some have called it “The Swarm” and other names, I prefer Homo Aptus.

One of the last bastions of resistance is currency, but, even that has arrived, yes, Bitcoin. We may be very close to the last stretch of the confrontation, displacing the “Disconnected” from power positions and initiating the Global Pow-Wow that humankind is missing since its beginnings.

Welcome to the fire, friend.


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