This is a post of somewhat controlled rage!

After spending the better part of the last 3 days enjoying what turntable had to offer, I woke up today to find myself, along with everyone else outside of United States of America, barred to use the site.

On the front page, we can read the already familiar lame excuse that licensing problems and that they are working to fix it. That is absolutely insulting, and the plain truth would be at least that, truth.

The truth is that they preferred to drop the rest of the world because we are meaningless to them in terms of business plan. We, 2nd rate citizens of the Internet, don’t have any interest to them, so, instead of fighting to keep the service international, they preferred to apply artificial geographic barriers on on line access. Doing that, they can make better “licensing” deals with whomever is pushing them, and, can easily develop their business model considering ONLY their fellow Americans.

The whole reason for the existence of turntable was the socialization of music experience, apparently, they prefer to only socialize with bearers of green cards, we, the 2nd rate users that don’t qualify for entrance on that exclusive club, can go back to whatever we were doing and stop downgrading the quality of the “social club”.

They could have taken a lot of different routes, including the closing of the whole service, if they were true to “Social Music Experience”, the fact that they preferred to establish frontiers, means ONLY that Social is the last thing on their minds.

I entered turntable using my Facebook authentication, I already removed the access to my data, but, that doesn’t delete it from their database, unfortunately. I removed all tweets and Facebook posts about them, and apologized to all the friends that I had recommended their service. There’s little else that I can do.

This move, adding to the insult already perpetrated by Hulu, NetFlix and Pandora, and a lot of other websites and videos with geographical limitations, erodes any confidence that we 2nd raters may have in the future in other proposals by American start-ups, because we’ll always be on the lookout for this kind of restrictions.

So, now, who’s next? Facebook? Google? Can we ever again trust any American company? Should we?

Should I start a website today, or in the near future, I would make it unaccessible to any US IP. For no other reason then to make them taste a bit of what we do, daily, with videos published on Facebook, that you can only watch on US, with videos being restricted on YouTube and other platforms, with websites that SHOULD be international simply because they ARE web based, being restricted. But, lucky Americans, I have no plans whatsoever to start any website. And, even this blog, being hosted by an American company, can be removed any second.

So, to all of you that have the honor and privilege of using an American IP, enjoy your many Private Country Clubs, knowing that we the riff-raff of the world, absolutely love the many ways you find daily to insult us. Have fun.


2 thoughts on “#turntablefm

  1. I am naturally not as affected by this as you since I am in the US. However, in all of this I do not blame Turntable. I blame the various organizations that insist on squeezing every last cent out of the licenses they hold. I don’t think it was smart of turntable to open up to everyone in the first place without having some kind of licensing agreement in place, but I really do blame the RIAA and similar organizations. It is the lawyers that are behind this, not the developers.

    • Chris, Thanks for commenting.

      Truntable, made the choice of not defending it’s international users. They made the decision, not the persons that forced them. With that they lost my respect and the right to be blamed. I would respect them if they decided to really fight, instead of choosing the cowards way.

      Many of the friends I made there are asking me to find a way to go in against their wishes, I understand that, and I’m really touched by that. But, I would never be comfortable in there again, always fearing to be discovered, always needing to be hacking my way in, always feeling an outlaw.

      It isn’t fair that we aren’t allowed in, but, if I had to resort to fraudulent means to gain access where I am clearly not wanted, I wouldn’t be fair to myself.

      It is obvious to me, that turntable is going to be quite big, has everything to do it, they are even proving that they can lick their masters asses perfectly, so, they will go really BIG, as long as they respect the leashes with which they have been harnessed. Good dog turntable, good dog, here have a biscuit.

      Thanks for the interest Chris, I feel flattered. 🙂

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